Maddy Grupper


Madeline Grupper

B.S. Conservation Biology; Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2014


After obtaining my bachelors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Psychology and Conservation Biology, I worked for three years as a wildlife technician, specializing in monitoring species that were affected by human impact. I utilized my biology skills – identifying se

nsitive species, collecting and compiling ecological data, and making habitat management recommendations for Yosemite National Park, California Fish and Wildlife, and Mt. Shasta National Forest.  I also contributed to behavioral studies, taught science to youth as an interpreter, led citizen science initiatives, and communicated with the public about sensitive management plans. I have always been interested in the intersection between human behavior and natural resource impacts.  My research at Virginia Tech focuses on social trust in drinking water security and emerging technology related to environmental forecasting.  This is interdisciplinary project is part of an NSF Smart and Connected Communities grant.  I am excited to build on the skills I’ve developed through my education and career and continue to explore topics that fascinate me.

Research Interests:

  • Feedbacks in social ecological systems
  • Perceptions and behaviors towards natural resource conservation efforts
  • Human-wildlife conflict
  • Social trust in environmental science

Current Projects:

  • Understanding social trust in emerging drinking water technologies
  • Enhancing self-determination of participants in payment for ecosystem services programs

Other Interests:
When I’m not working, you can find me rock climbing anywhere and everywhere around the southeast.